Diamond Sponsorship

Diamond Sponsorship

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Diamond Sponsorship Includes:

  • Digital Acknowledgement at Venue on Monitors

  • Acknowledged in Closing Remarks

  • Name Listed on Website

  • Name Listed in Program

  • Complimentary Registration of 6 Attendees

    • Please contact sponsor@mr3ds.org for registration code.

  • Vendor Table (Optional)

  • Full Page Advertising in Program (Optional)

    • Print Area must be no larger than 4.25 in (W) x 7.5 in (L)

    • Please use 300 dpi or greater for color ads.

    • Please submit your ad to sponsor@mr3dps.org.

  • Personal Introduction to Decision-Making Purchasers (Optional)

  • Featured Presentation (20 min) Slot (Optional)

  • Keynote Presentation (60 min) Slot (Optional)

  • 3 Inaugural 3D Tokens